Katrin System 800 Black Toilet Roll Dispenser.

Katrin System 800 Black Toilet Roll Dispenser. Robust, quality dispenser.

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 Katrin System 800 Black Toilet Roll Dispenser. Robust, quality dispenser.  

  • Holds two System 800 sheet Toilet Rolls.
  • Seamless dispensing with drop-down Roll system and adjustable roll brake.
  • Duplex locking system available with or without key function
  • Reliable - Quick and Easy to refill
  • High capacity - 1360-1600 depending on tissue quality 
  • Can be refilled while the second roll is in use so tissue is always available. Better paper accessibility at the front of the dispenser opening.
  • Reserve roll drops down when the last sheet of the roll has been used. No searching around inside dispenser opening for the loose end of the paper roall.
  • Suitable for all environments
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