Blu Away - Washroom Cleaner 6 x 750ml

6 x 750ml Per Case
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Blu Away, is a specially formulated to clean and maintain odour-free washrooms.

Blu Away eradicates organic staining and odour problems from all washroom surfaces, including floors and walls contaminated with urine. Simply spray and
wipe all ceramic surfaces to control scale and soiling.

Dilute and swab floors to clean and remove uric scale build-up and urine soiling.

Use Blu Away with Bio Blocks to maintain trouble-free odourless washrooms.

Bio Productions Biologicals contain species of micro-organisms/bacteria that are commonly found in the digestive tract and in soil.

Our bacteria secrete a cocktail of enzymes aiding the breakdown of organic matter. As such, the micro-organisms found in our biologicals are classed
as probiotic.

6 x 750ml Per Case

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Blu Away - Washroom Cleaner 6 x 750ml
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