Buster Extra Oil & Grease Remover 5 litres

An effective beaded hand cleaner with a citrus-oil base for extra strength and mildness 5 litres

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Buster Extra is a unique skin cleanser gel that contains citrus oil extracts and polybeads for enhanced cleaning power without compromising on mildness.

Based on citrus oils for enhanced cleaning performance, the formula is less harsh than cleansers based on aggressive solvents.

Poly-beads efficiently break-up soil and grease allowing the citrus oil extracts to liquify the soiling faster. 

However, the poly-beads suspended in the liquid are rounded with no sharp edges, to reduce the risk of skin irritation.
Buster Extra is a Citrus based hand cleaner contains glycerine extracts, which are used in cosmetic products to keep skin soft and to prevent drying and cracking.

A subtle citrus fragrance leaves a delicate, fruity scent on the skin after use, making our Citrus hand cleaner a pleasant hand cleanser to use.
Buster Extra hand cleaner, Cleans the Dirtiest Hands with Ultimate Mildness.
Use to clean oils, grease, ink, bitumen, asphalt, tar, paint, plaster, creosote, mud and other ground in soils from the skin.
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