We've run out of toilet rolls

We've run out of toilet rolls

“Daaaaaddddd,  we’ve run out of toilet roll”.  

This piece of information is regularly belted out by my children, usually on a Sunday morning at around 6.30am.  If I don’t responded within half a second, the cry for help will be repeated at regular intervals, at increasing decibels until I arrive on horseback with a shiny new Luxury 3 ply roll.

Cries of this nature aren’t restricted to my 2 young children.  We regularly receive calls from desperate customers, usually on Friday afternoons, informing us that the cleaners have just come into the office to inform Manager/Business owner that the premises have run out of toilet roll.  Not a major problem if the business is closed for the weekend, but Nightclub owners, Publicans and Restauranteurs come out in a cold sweat at the thought of their customers wandering into the bar, with trousers and pants around their ankles whilst saying, “Excuse me governor, but one has been caught short, any chance of some bog roll?” 

Fortunately we do offer a Saturday before 10am delivery service, it comes at cost, but almost certainly better than a bad review online, or the dreaded 1 star on Trip Advisor.

One part of the world that hasn’t had the problem with a shortage of toilet rolls, is the German town, Fuchstal, a small Bavarian town homing approximately 4,000 residents.  

In 2006 a member of the councils procurement department negotiated a deal with a local distributor of toilet rolls.  They were so pleased with the price, they got slightly carried away with the quantities required.  Rather than ordering 24 cases, they ordered 24 pallets, with 80 cases on each pallet.  When the lorry carrying the container turned up at the council offices, rather than rejecting the delivery, a team of people were set up with the job of finding storage for the rolls.  Every council owned toilet in the town was filled with the product, School halls were used, the town hall, even the local fire station. 

What made the problem worse, was the tissue was incredibly poor quality, it was a single ply and grey in colour, which when exposed to sunlight turned yellow in appearance.  Not the type of product we will be looking at getting in any time soon!!

The town finally used the last roll last week, much to the relief of the local residents who are now looking forward to a softer tissue being supplied in the council owned buildings.

If running out of loo rolls is a problem for your business, let us know?  We can look at your usage and set up a standing order so you are never faced with the cry for help from embarrassed staff or customers.

Have a great week,